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Friday, June 16, 2006

Schedule For Radiology Grand Rounds-2006

Radiology Grand Rounds (Hosted Every Last Sunday Of The Month)
General Instructions-I will accept anything that is relevant to Radiology or Medical Imaging but you don't have to be a Radiologist to contribute. I'd love to hear from physicians, Patients, Nurses, Medical Students,Radiographers, Imaging Technicians etc, etc. Send submissions anybody interested in Hosting Radiology Grand Rounds in future to .

Volume 1 Date-25-6-2006 Host- Sumer's Radiology Site

Volume 2 Date-30-7-2006 Host- Sumer's Radiology Site

Volume 3 Date- 27-8-2006 Host- Sumer's Radiology Site

Volume 4 Date-24-9-2006 Host- Sumer's Radiology Site

Volume 5 Date-29-10-2006 Host- Sumer's Radiology Site

Volume 6 Date-26-11-2006 Host-Spot Diagnosis

Volume 7 Date-31-12-2006 Host-


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